Neuromodulators in LAKEVILLE


personalized treatment planner

Consultation Required?



Minimal to none

Sessions Needed:

3 to 4 per year

Results Duration:

3 to 4 months

Treatment Hero

  • Large inset image or looping video
  • Centered wysiwyg content on top of image / video
  • Optional cards below. Up to four.
  • Each card has icon, title, and subtitle
Label Name Type Notes
Looping Video URL treatment_hero_looping_video_url url
Image Image treatment_hero_image_id image (Clone of Utility : Image)
Image Image Focus Point treatment_hero_image_focus_point button_group (Clone of Utility : Image)
Image Image Fit treatment_hero_image_fit select (Clone of Utility : Image)
Image Lazy Load treatment_hero_image_loading true_false (Clone of Utility : Image)
Make Image Black and White? treatment_hero_desaturate true_false
Graphic treatment_hero_graphic image
Content treatment_hero_content wysiwyg
Treatment Cards treatment_hero_cards repeater