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Sonic Vibration Therapy

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What It Helps

  • Blood and lymph circulation

  • Bone mineral density

  • Softens tendons and ligaments

  • Burns calories

  • Muscular and nervous systems

  • Postural control

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health


Your health journey at E. Michael Health starts by gathering information about your health by getting lab work and understanding your health history. Once we have this information, we sit down with you for a consultation with one of our providers. During this consultation, we’ll ask you more questions and review your medical information to determine if sonic vibration therapy in Lakeville will be right for you.

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health

Sonic Vibration Therapy

Sonic wave vibration will send energy waves into your body, gently vibrating the muscles to promote healing, lymphatic drainage, muscle recovery, athletic performance, flexibility, and more.

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health

The sonic wave burns more calories than a general aerobic workout. Ten minutes equates up to 1 hour of aerobic exercise. For the best results, using this therapy 1-5 times a week along with the BAHI system relaxes muscles and rebuilds muscle strength.

Boost Your Fitness & Your Vitality

While traditional exercise boasts many benefits, your body can only do so much on its own. Sometimes, we get injured, or certain conditions can prevent us from exercising as well as we would like. Fortunately, with the assistance of sonic vibration therapy, you can enhance your body and your fitness, whether you’re looking to recover from an injury or you’re hoping to maximize your performance.

At E. Michael Health, we use the Sonix Whole Body Vibration Machine to stimulate intense muscle contractions and open lymph channels to drain over the course of just 10 minutes. These contractions far exceed what’s possible with traditional forms of exercise. We utilize sonic vibration therapy in Lakeville to assist patients of various ages, abilities, and fitness levels!

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Why Get Sonic Vibration Therapy?

By improving blood circulation, strengthening muscles, and encouraging detoxification, sonic vibration therapy can optimize your regular exercise routine or help you recover with maximum efficiency. At E. Michael Health, vibration therapy is one of our treatment modalities for BAHI therapy, which is short for blood circulation, antioxidants, hormonal balance, and immunity. We consider vibration therapy as one piece of the puzzle to help you achieve your best self.







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Frequently Asked Questions About Sonic Vibration Therapy