ANS Testing in Lakeville

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Testing

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4 weeks

What It Measures

  • Heart rate

  • Blood pressure

  • Sweat production

  • Bladder control

  • Autonomic system function

What to Expect

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To get started on your wellness journey, we ask that you come in for your consultation with E. Michael Health. One of our providers will sit down with you to learn more about you, your symptoms, and your goals for treatment. Based on what you describe, we may prescribe diagnostic testing, such as ANS testing, to investigate the underlying cause of your symptoms.

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health

ANS Testing

If we decide that ANS testing in Lakeville is the right course of action, then you’ll come in for your testing on a separate day. We will perform a short noninvasive ANS test where we place blood pressure cuffs on your extremities. Then, we gather valuable information through simple tests where we instruct you on your breathing and resting state.

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health

Treatment Plan

Once your ANS test is complete, we will schedule a follow up appointment for you to come back and get your results. With these results, we can fully develop a treatment plan to help you feel and live at your best. This may include several treatment modalities to ensure that we address the cause of your symptoms.

Learn More About Your Body's Function

Your autonomic nervous system, comprised of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, is crucial for your body’s functioning. The sympathetic nervous system prepares your body for action, increasing heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. In contrast, the parasympathetic nervous system promotes relaxation and restoration, regulating functions like digestion and reducing alertness. Most of the time, these processes happen without you even realizing it, as your brain takes care of them automatically.

Issues within the autonomic system can be subtle yet impactful on various aspects of your life. You might initially experience symptoms like fatigue, numbness, dizziness, or irregular heart rate without recognizing that these could stem from autonomic system problems. ANS testing evaluates the functionality of your autonomic nervous system, offering valuable insights to identify the underlying causes affecting your health, such as changes in blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, or difficulty regulating body temperature.

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Why Get ANS Testing?

ANS testing can be beneficial for anyone, particularly individuals with specific health conditions or risk factors. This includes those with diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, smokers, and individuals over 50 with cardiovascular risks or over 70 years old.

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