Health Consultation in Lakeville

Understand Your Health

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Appointment Length:

1 hour

Turnaround Time on Results:

4 weeks with Treatment Results

What It Includes

  • A one-on-one thorough health history intake

  • Evaluation of options for testing and diagnostics

  • A treatment plan customized to your concerns

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health

Health Consultation

During the Health Consultation we will sit down and discuss your concerns and your goals for wellness.

Diagnostic Testing

Based on the recommendations, some tests can be done quickly, while others take a few weeks to get back.

Treatment Plan

We will schedule your next appt for 4 weeks to go over your results and discuss your customized treatment plan.

Your First Step Toward Comprehensive Wellness

In a conventional medical setting, health consultations often involve brief discussions and blood tests, leaving many underlying health concerns unaddressed. Even if bloodwork appears normal, feelings of being unwell or dissatisfaction with your daily well-being remain unexplored.

At E. Michael Health, we go beyond mere bloodwork because your concerns matter to us. We prioritize understanding your health concerns and aim to develop a treatment plan that delves deeper into the root causes. Our approach involves comprehensive testing and an in-depth health consultation in Lakeville, ensuring a thorough understanding of your health.

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How We Take a Look at Your Health

We believe in integrative medicine, combining some conventional medical practices with evidence-based complementary therapies to treat the whole person, embracing a more holistic approach to your well-being.

We don’t settle for just alleviating symptoms; our focus is on unraveling the underlying causes of your health concerns. Utilizing cutting-edge technology for diagnostic testing, we delve into uncovering the reasons disrupting your optimal health. Our aim is to provide fully functional health solutions by investigating many possible factors that impact your health, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized approach to your care.







Get Personalized Recommendations From Us

With our Treatment Planning Tool, you can select your major treatment goals and concerns. We’ll deliver custom recommendations so you can make informed decisions on your health journey.

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More About E. Michael Health

Established by Ellen Lynch, E. Michael Health, LLC, situated in Lakeville, Minnesota, is dedicated to nurturing hope and promoting peak health for each individual. Our approach involves delving into the root cause of your concerns instead of merely addressing symptoms, crafting personalized and comprehensive health solutions.

Through a blend of diagnostic, wellness, and aesthetic services, our treatments are designed to help you overcome your unique challenges, prioritizing your individual well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Process