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At E. Michael Health, our commitment stands as a beacon of guidance and support in providing you with not just answers but with meaningful connections to transformative solutions. In a world where individuals are yearning for deeper insights into their health, E. Michael Health helps take steps forward, determined to illuminate the way by partnering with you to find solutions.

We recognize many have an intuitive sense that something isn’t quite right within their own bodies, yet find themselves struggling to be heard and understood. It is our solemn purpose to help bridge this gap, and weave together the intricate threads of your health concerns to create a comprehensive tapestry for optimal wellness.

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Early detection and personalized strategies pave the way for a healthier, more vibrant life. With cutting-edge technology, we empower individuals to proactively manage their health by providing insights for interventions for optimal well-being.

 Wellness Services

Our comprehensive treatment services address holistic wellness, leveraging our precise testing results. From weight loss to hormone therapy, IV nutraceuticals, and BAHI+ treatments, we work with you to restore your body to peak performance and optimal functionality.


Elevate your beauty at our location with expertly administered neurotoxins and fillers. Our skilled practitioner blends artistry and precision, ensuring you natural and radiant results. Experience a transformative and confidence-boosting journey at our wellness practice in Lakeville.

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Wellness Services

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With our virtual consultation tool, you can select your major treatment goals and areas of concern. We’ll deliver custom recommendations so you can make informed decisions on your health journey.

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About E. Michael Health

At E. Michael Health, Ellen Lynch, the founder, brings over 25 years of firsthand nursing experience to the forefront of our wellness practice in Lakeville. Having witnessed and actively participated in the care of countless individuals, Ellen recognized a recurring issue—patients were often provided with temporary solutions, rather than addressing the underlying causes of their health concerns. The pandemic prompted Ellen to explore alternative approaches, not only for her own well-being but also for the benefit of others. This journey unveiled a shared quest for answers among many seeking lasting solutions.

With a wealth of expertise and a heart full of care, she goes above and beyond to instill hope and foster optimal health in her clients. Ellen and her team’s unwavering commitment to other’s well-being is a beacon of light in the journey towards healing and vitality.

Meet Ellen

Hello, my name is Ellen. I am a seasoned Registered Nurse with over two decades of experience in some of the leading healthcare facilities in Minnesota. My background encompasses various specialties including oncology, surgery, infusion therapy, endoscopy, public health, labor & delivery, and the emergency department.

Through my professional journey, I’ve gained valuable insights into the strengths and weakness within conventional medicine which drove me to look further into finding answers for helping others find their optimal health. This encouraged me to pursue my Nurse Practitioner and Doctorate degree, which I am currently enrolled in.

My driving force lies in enhancing the well-being of individuals and their families, ultimately aiming for an optimal quality of life aligned with your aspirations. As a professional nurse and board-certified Nurse Coach, I am wholeheartedly devoted to empowering and providing unwavering support on your path to wellness. I work closely with individuals to better understand what you want for your life, set meaningful goals, and do appropriate, noninvasive testing to assist others to conquer their personal obstacles, enabling the creation of a vibrant and purposeful life filled with optimism.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I wear multiple hats as a devoted wife and proud mother of two grown daughters, as well as a doting “dog mom” to three lively German shorthair boys. Outside of work, you’ll find me immersed in the joys of travel, savoring moments with dear friends, and studying in graduate school.

Launching E. Michael Health has been a lifelong dream—a wellness practice in Lakeville where individuals no longer feel overlooked by conventional healthcare, and a space filled with hope, enthusiasm, and the opportunity to serve you wholeheartedly.

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Meet The Team



Hello! My name is Amy, and I come with over two decades of dedicated experience spanning the full spectrum of healthcare, from pediatrics to offering specialized care for geriatrics as a Nurse Practitioner. I have honed my expertise in empowering clients through a transformative journey to helps individuals a remarkable chance to not just exist, but to truly thrive and revel in a life filled with vitality and wellness. My passion is in witnessing individuals conquer their aspirations, as we join forces in pursuit of their well-being.

Kelly, BSN, RN

Hello everyone! I’m Kelly, a nurse with 13 years of experience. I chose nursing because I love supporting and cheering people on, and I’m passionate about helping others feel their best, both inside and out. As a nurse injector for 6 years, I aim to create a comfortable and relaxed experience for my clients in their health and aesthetics decisions. Your goals are my goals, and together, we’ll work towards your vision of feeling beautiful, healthy, and happy. I offer clients a safe place to ask questions and make personalized choices. Outside of work, you’ll find me enjoying nature, watching movies, and cherishing time with my loved ones and friends.

Hear It From Our Patients

“Ellen has an admirable passion and talent for caring about all aspects of people’s well-being. Her patience, thoroughness, and dedication have not only helped me navigate through some of my most challenging health battles but have also left a lasting impact on me and others she has supported. She’s truly a wonderful, genuine, and resourceful person. It’s hard to think of a better advocate to have in your corner, I know I’m so thankful for her.”

–Julie A.

“I had the most amazing experience with Ellen getting my Biote pellets. She is so knowledgeable, caring, and gentle. She followed up with me and made sure I completely understood the process. I would highly recommend her!”

— Kelly L.

“Ellen has been extremely refreshing and helpful. She’s very thorough and knowledgeable. She has been able to find answers for my daughter on issues that other clinics have been unable to solve for years. We’ve tried multiple different doctors, and none were able to find root cause and address the root issues like Ellen. Ellen can explain things to us in a way we can understand and develop treatment plans that were easy to execute. Not only is she brilliant, but she is also so kind and we always walk away feeling heard and sure of our next

–Hillary S.

“Ellen showed genuine compassion and attentiveness throughout my entire visit. Her warm demeanor and exceptional care made a difference. A true gem!”

–Jen W.

“Ellen was very professional and easy to work with. I truly enjoyed my experience and felt so comfortable coming to her office, she is so personable. Ellen provided great information to me, and I felt very comfortable asking her questions. I would recommend her to anyone and be definitely going back!”

–Ashley Q.

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