Full-Body Red Light Therapy in Lakeville

Red Light Therapy for the Body

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Health & Vitality

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Sessions Needed:

1 to 3 per week

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What It Treats

  • Autoimmune & inflammatory diseases

  • Brain cell or nerve damage

  • Cancer & metastasis

  • Depression and insomnia

  • Heart diseases

  • Metabolic syndrome

  • Sore muscles

  • Stress disorders

  • Wound healing

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health


Your journey at E. Michael Health starts with a consultation where we will sit down with you to learn more about you, your symptoms, and your goals for treatment. We may conduct additional testing to better understand the reason behind your symptoms and to determine the right course of action. We then create a customized treatment plan that may include full-body photo biomodulation red light therapy.

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health

Red Light Therapy

To get the best results from your treatment, we recommend scheduling at least 1-3 session a week of full-body photo biomodulation red light therapy in Lakeville. You will relax in a full-body bed that emits red light for 40 minutes each session. We may target specific frequencies for the best results, as well as adjust the device’s programmable modes to match your symptoms. After your session is done, you can return to your day as usual!

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health

Next Steps

Full-body photo biomodulation red light therapy will just be one part of your treatment plan. You will want to continue sessions as needed until your body feels more optimal. We’ll provide further details for next steps at your consultation.

Why Get Full-Body Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy has a variety of benefits, including increased energy and blood flow, pain reduction, wound healing, collagen production, and more.

When used on the whole body, it can minimize inflammation in the muscles and joints that contribute to pain and soreness. It’s a completely noninvasive and painless treatment to revitalize your well-being!

Reduce Inflammation & Pain

Although chronic pain and inflammation may be physical issues, they can affect your mental health and your overall enjoyment of life. Traditional therapies for these problems have included anti-inflammatory oral medications, but they can have limited efficacy and increase your potential side effects.

At E. Michael Health, we take advantage of the latest innovations in wellness to rethink how we address these problems. With full-body photo biomodulation red light therapy in Lakeville, also known as photo biomodulation, we can treat inflammation, improve your energy, and address your pain at the source. Red light therapy can alleviate symptoms and maximize wound healing by increasing blood flow and antioxidants. With consistent treatments, you can experience relief and maximize your ability to enjoy every day!

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