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Sessions Needed:

2 to 4 per year

Results Duration:

33 to 6 months

What It Treats

  • Moderate frown lines

  • Severe frown lines

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health


We start off your experience at E. Michael Health with a one-on-one consultation. Our provider will sit down with you to go over your goals and to create a treatment plan that works best for you. We’ll provide recommendations on the best neurotoxin to meet your goals. If Daxxify® is the right fit, then we can go ahead with your injection!

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health


Our certified injector will assess the treatment area to make sure that the Daxxify® placement is correct. Then, they will administer Daxxify® in Lakeville through a series of tiny injections in the forehead. After the injection process is complete, we will provide you with more instructions for aftercare.

What to Expect

Your Experience at E. Michael Health


We will provide you with exact instructions on how to care for the treatment area. Most people can return to their usual activities, though we do ask you to refrain from heavy exercise for the next 24 hours and avoid touching the area. Because of Daxxify®’s longevity, you may not need to return for another 6 months for your follow-up treatment!

Why Try Daxxify® for Frown Lines?

Daxxify® takes effect even faster than brands like Botox®. Many patients will start to see their results within just 24 hours of their injection. Its active ingredient, botulinum toxin, is also formulated with peptides to further boost the longevity of your results. For patients who want a longer-lasting, new alternative to standard brands such as Botox®, Daxxify® is a safe and effective option.

Reverse Frown Lines With Daxxify®

If your frown lines have become more abundant and prominent with age, you’re not alone in wanting to get rid of them. While there are several different kinds of neurotoxins, Daxxify® is the latest brand to be approved for effective, long-lasting treatment of frown lines.

Our certified injectors at E. Michael Health will take care to ensure that your results are both natural and stunning thanks to Daxxify® in Lakeville. Plus, you won’t have to return as often for your injection—compared to other brands, it can last for up to 6 months, or even longer!

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